LOA: 47.50′ DISP: 37,500 lbs
BOA: 18.00′ D/L: N / A
LWL: 45.95′ DRAFT: 3.50′
Fuel 540 Gallons (4 tanks)
Water 145 Gallons (2 tanks)
Holding 80 Gallons (2 tanks)
Engine 2 X Yanmar 3 Liter Common Rail Diesels
Horsepower 260 each
Drive Sea Torque Shaft System
Cruising Speed 8 to 14 Knots
Top Speed 19 to 20 Knots

The Journey 47 LRC is a family cruiser, capable of covering long distances in comfort, like a trawler. To that end, the boat has wave-piercing bows, like many passenger and cargo ferry cats, instead of planing hulls.

The basic concept of a wave piercing bow is to have the boat go through the wave instead of riding up and then down over the wave. This particular hull design does not have the dynamic buoyancy that you find in most vessels, in other words it does not produce noticeable lift when running, hence keeping the boat flat and smooth through choppy conditions. Therefore, there is reduced stress on the vessel and the crew. This design also has the benefit of reducing the boat’s wave making resistance which means she goes through the water easier, equating to better fuel economy. The Journey 47 is one of the first production power catamaran using this innovative hull design.

Given its social spaces, its two-stateroom, two-head arrangement, its flybridge, its ease of docking and its ability to cruise slow like a trawler but go twice as fast, what the Journey Cat 47LRC provides is versatility. A cruising couple can run it, a family can stay comfortable and a large group can make a day of it.